The Tarazed Blackbird is a high-class passenger transport, designed to move large numbers of people across the galaxy with speed and safety. Although not equipped with much weaponry, a Blackbird is well shielded and fast enough to evade pirate attacks, and its cargo capacity is high enough to allow the captain to take courier missions on the side.

Mass:522 tons
Energy:2200 + 300.0/s
Shield Regen:19.20/s, drawing 19.20/s
Required Crew:5
Cargo Space:60/60
Outfit Space:48/350
(minmaxed):395 with 0 cargo, 380 with 20 cargo
Weapon Space:10/90
Engine Space:9/110
Turret Mounts:0/2
Idle Heating:720.0/s
Thrust:127,440, drawing 192.0/s, heating 390.0/s
Steering:944, drawing 96.00/s, heating 246.0/s
Radar Jamming:2
Hyper Drive:Yes
Jump Fuel:Yes
Jump Speed:0.2
Fuel Capacity:700
Outfits:2x Heavy Laser Turret
1x S3 Thermionic
1x LP072a Battery Pack
1x D23-QP Shield Generator
1x Small Radar Jammer
1x Impala Plasma Thruster
1x Impala Plasma Steering
1x Hyperdrive

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