Javelin Pod

The Javelin Pod fires a rapid stream of unguided missiles. A Javelin Pod does far more damage than any gun of a comparable size, and has a longer range as well, but once a ship has expended all of its ammunition it must leave combat and find a planet where it can buy more, which makes Javelins less useful in protracted battles.

The weapon's high rate of fire also makes it useful for saturating well-protected ships' anti-missile defenses so that more dangerous projectiles fired by allied ships can sneak through.

Category:Secondary Weapons
Mass:4 tons
Outfit Space:12
Weapon Space:12
Gun Ports:1
Javelin Capacity:200
Missile Strength:3
Reload Time:0.25s (4.00/s)
Rate of Fire:4.00/s
Firing Energy:0.2 → 0.80/s → 0.07/s⋅ton
Firing Heat:12 → 48.00/s → 4.00/s⋅ton
Shield Damage:48 → 192.0/s → 16.00/s⋅ton
Hull Damage:26 → 104.0/s → 8.67/s⋅ton
Hit Force:50 → 200.0/s → 16.67/s⋅ton

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