Gatling Gun

When Dr. Richard J. Gatling invented the rapid-fire gun bearing his name in the 19th century, he hoped that its destructiveness would lead to the end of war itself. Over a millennium later, this modern incarnation of the gatling gun sees action in the stars, a testament to its fundamentally robust design - and Dr. Gatling's naivete. While capable of a high fire rate, this gun needs to cool down for twice as long as it fires, and can only sustain a maximum of three seconds of continuous fire.

Category:Secondary Weapons
Mass:2 tons
Outfit Space:8
Weapon Space:8
Gun Ports:1
Gatling Round Capacity:3000
Ammunition:Gatling Gun Ammo
Reload Time:0.05s (20.00/s)
Burst Reload Time:0.02s (60.00/s)
Burst Count:180
Salvo Mode:Cluster
Rate of Fire:20.00/s
Firing Energy:0.03 → 0.60/s → 0.07/s⋅ton
Firing Heat:2.5 → 50.00/s → 6.25/s⋅ton
Submunition:1x gbullet
Shield Damage:3 → 60.00/s → 7.50/s⋅ton
Hull Damage:6 → 120.0/s → 15.00/s⋅ton
Hit Force:2 → 40.00/s → 5.00/s⋅ton

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